SASVEPM Conference

This week, MDS is exhibiting at The Southern African Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (SASVEPM). SASVEPM was formed at the end of 2000, with the objective of promoting veterinary epidemiology and preventive medicine in the Southern African region. One of the reasons for starting a regional society was the realization that Africa has unique problems and circumstances that requires the formulation of a unique brand of epidemiology that can be applied in the region.

Some MDS staff members are also attending the SASVEPM presentations which promise to be very interesting. If you are attending the SASVEPM conference which is still on today, please come visit us!

More information on our veterinary testing portfolio can be found on our website which includes avian DNA sexing and pathogen testing, molecular (DNA) testing for a variety of koi, porcine, canine, feline, bovine, poultry as well as equine diseases (