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MDS conducts a wide variety of both Human and Veterinary tests and offers convenient test collection kits for some of these tests, which can be ordered from this site.

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Human Tests
These include our Molecular, Lab-Sure™ and Wellness tests.

Veterinary Tests
These include Molecular and Rapi-Tests™.

Wellness Tests
These include all Food Allergy Type III IgG Tests.

Periodontis Tests

Veterinary Molecular Request Forms

We now have a dedicated Online Site for submitting your veterinary test requests. You can access the site here. You can register your free account on our site and from there create and easily keep track of your requests. If you have any queries please feel free to contact our IT Support ([email protected])

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Vet Avian Request Form

Private Avian Request Form

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Canine Paternity Request Form

Periodontis Request Forms

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