Point of Care – Rapid Test Kits

The ideal diagnostic test should be able to provide an instant on site result and be able to be performed with a minimum of expertise and without expensive equipment. Veterinary rapid tests use the latest in diagnostic technology, and fill all these requisites. The test kits are individually controlled and have a long shelf life and can be stored and used at ambient temperature. Rapid tests are designed to detect either antibodies or antigens.

In Association with GenBody – the global healthcare partner and leader in veterinary testing

CANINERapid CPV AbCPVAB010Ab against Canine Parvo VirusWhole blood, plasma or serum10-15 minutes
Rapid CDV AbCDVAB010Ab against Canine Distemper VirusWhole blood, plasma or serum10-15 minutes
Rapid E. canis AbECAAB010Ab against Ehrlichia canisWhole blood, plasma or serum98.8%98%10-15 minutes
Rapid Canine Total IgECNIGE010Allergy Reference TestPlasma or serum98.5%98%10-15 minutes
Rapid CPV AgCPVAG020Canine Parvo Virus AgFaeces99%99.9%10-15 minutes
Rapid CDV AgCDVAG020Canine Distemper Virus AgPlasma, serum, urine, saliva or conjunctiva swab99.5%99.2%10-15 minutes
Rapid CCV AgCCVAG020Canine Corona Virus AgFaeces98.5%99%10-15 minutes
Rapid CPV Ag/CCV AgCCPAG010Canine Parvo Virus/ Canine Corona Virus Ag comboFaeces98.5/ 99%99/ 99.9%10-15 minutes
Rapid CDV/CAV2 AgCDAVAG10Canine Distemper Virus/ Canine Adenovirus 2 Ag comboConjunctiva and nasal swab99.5/ 98%99.2/ 97%10-15 minutes
Rapid CIV AgCIVAG010Canine Influenza Virus AgConjunctiva and nasal swab99.9%90.5%10-15 minutes
Rapid CDV Ag/CIV AgCDIVAG010Canine Distemper Virus/ Canine Influenza Virus Ag comboConjunctiva and nasal swab99.5/ 99.9%99.2/ 90.5%10-15 minutes
Rapid CPV-CCV-Giardia AgCanine Parvo Virus/ Canine Corona Virus/ Canine Giardia Ag triple comboFaeces98.5%99.0%10-15 minutes
CANINE/ FELINERapid Leishmania AbLEISAB10Ab against LeishmaniaWhole blood, plasma or serum99.8%99.5%10-15 minutes
Rapid Giardia AgGIAAG010Canine/ Feline Giardia AgFaeces99%99.9%10-15 minutes
FELINERapid FIV AbFIVAB010Ab against Feline Immunodeficiency VirusWhole blood, plasma or serum99.9%99.5%10-15 minutes
Rapid FeLV AgFELAG010Feline Leukaemia Virus AgWhole blood, plasma or serum98.0%95.2%10-15 minutes
Rapid FPV AgFPVAG010Feline Panleukopaenia Virus AgFaeces99.5%98%10-15 minutes
Rapid FIV Ab/FeLV AgFELFIV10Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Ab/ Feline Leukemia Virus Ag comboWhole blood, plasma or serum99.9/ 98%99.5/ 95.2%10-15 minutes
Rapid FCoV AgFCOAG010Feline Corona Virus AgFaeces99.0%96.0%10-15 minutes