Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month,

Sadly, many of us have either been affected by, or experienced the loss of someone with, breast cancer. See below regarding the steps to follow to do a breast self-examination (credit: CANSA)


MDS also offers BRCA testing for breast and ovarian cancer. Pathogenic germline BRCA mutations account for approximately 5-10% of breast cancers and 10-18% of ovarian cancers. The identification of a positive BRCA mutation increases a woman’s lifetime risk for the development of breast and/or ovarian cancer by 60-80%. Additionally, the presence of a BRCA mutation in male individuals is associated with an elevated risk for breast cancer and a five to seven fold increased life-time risk for prostate cancer. Relatively common genes acting together with endogenous/lifestyle risk factors (low-penetrance genes) are also likely to account for a much higher portion of breast cancer cases together with yet unidentified high-penetrance genes.


Guidelines for BRCA Testing: A Summarized Overview


How to Submit a Sample: The Steps Involved

The clinician may take the patient’s sample and contact MDS to arrange a courier to collect, or alternatively, the clinician can refer the patient to MDS for our in house nurse to take the sample.

Please do not hesitate to contact MDS for any further information on 031 267 7000.