Veterinary results

Our veterinary site allows you to access your results at any time; both current and past results may be viewed.  All you need to do is sign in and set up your personalized log in details which remain confidential. If MDS has initialized your log in on receipt of your samples, you will receive an email with a request to change the log in details to your personal confidential details.

If results are unavailable the site will give you a status and a direct contact link for queries.

Please note results shall not be emailed to you.

Testing Policy:

  • Sample tubes not clearly marked or identified will not be tested. When multiple sample types are submitted for testing, clients will be charged for each test performed per sample type. Payment and/or proof of payment, is required with submitted samples or before release of results. The reported test result/s relate only to the specific samples submitted.
  • Each test done by MDS is internally controlled to validate the testing process and the collected sample. However, this mechanism does not allow us to validate ‘pooled samples’. We, therefore, discourage ‘pooling’ of samples i.e. placing two or more birds’ blood spots on the same testing paper in the one tube.